Forever Photos: Pullman Portrait Photography

On Campus Photo Locations

There are many many beautiful locations on Campus, but this will highlight some of the main and most popular landmark areas. Note, that many of these are spread out and would require time and distance walking to touch them all. Shorter sessions may want to choose some close together favorites or if you can arrange a driver to bring us around, we can save a lot of time (as parking on campus is so limited!) I will try to give location/distance info with the photos below.

Cougar Statue

(close to Stadium and the CUB/Mall) (easy parking nearby after 5 and on weekends)

In Front of the Stadium (right next to the cougar statue)

Red Art Building (across from the CUB)

Terrell Mall

On Top of The Library (easy paid parking under library for access to central campus)

Clocktower (central campus, near library, near Mall)

below Thompson Hall (Lower Campus) (blossoms for a very limited time in the spring)

The Arch (the very lowest point of campus by the engineering buildings, a long walk down)

Washington State University Signs (Base of Stadium way, Farthest from Cougar Statue, easiest to drive too but tricky parking)

Other great locations I’ve used on campus: Honors Hall steps, beautiful stones of Stevens Hall, anywhere with spring blooms, outside any memorable buildings important to the Grad.