Forever Photos: Pullman Portrait Photography

The Makeup Option – Makeup Artistry by Tiff

Hi Lovely!! I’m so glad you are checking out the makeup option for your photo session. I have been doing makeup on my photo clients for 5 years and working as a freelance makeup artist on the side additionally for the last 3 of those. I take work from other photographers for makeup too!
There is a severe shortage of makeup artist in the Pullman/Moscow area and especially ones that met the standards I wanted for my clients, so here we are!
Feel free to scroll for samples of my work.
I USUALLY forget to take “before” photos so I am including those without too.
MOST of the looks my clients like are more natural, so you will see more of those here but will find bold looks toward the bottom.
I’ve sold an awesome makeup brand too so MANY of these are selfies of looks I’ve done just for me. 馃槢 Happy scrolling!

This is me working on that makeup goodness:

The following are all my clients/my makeup looks <3
I always work with my clients to build makeup looks as they wish, asking color preferences and coverage preferences.